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OpDecision Case Study

Starmedia was contracted by OpDecision to refashion their corporate brand. OpDecision is a multi-service company offering businesses guidance through the complex and often overpriced terrain of communications and networking. As technology becomes progressively more advanced and the business world's dependence on these technologies increases in turn, OpDecision act as a one stop resource for those looking to simplify their path through this veritable jungle. As a 21st century company OpDecision intended to increase their visibility and presence on the internet. Over the course of a fruitful business relationship, Starmedia would create their logo, website and corporate identity package.

For Starmedia, the logo design is often the locus through which all other advertising materials emanate. OpDecision's intent was to show them as a company bridging the gap between businesses and their communications needs. Starmedia extensively researched images of bridges, from the famed Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridges, to the Danish Storbaelt and Japanese Akashi-Kaikyo. Starmedia blended these images into the final product; a sun-topped structure stretching over the OpDecision company name.

OpDecision is a leader in its field, connecting businesses with their technology decisions; our intent was to design a website that expressed this visually. The colors we used are the bright sienna of the dawn, showing a new day rising on the road they've laid out for the client, connecting to their network of service providers spanning the whole country. The site was organized to maximize the user experience. All the information is laid out to provide the simplest point of entry for any prospective or existing clients.

We also designed the corporate identity package for OpDecision. The corporate identity package included the new logo set into their stationery, letterheads, and business cards.

OpDecision and Starmedia continue to foster a successful relationship with on going Internet Marketing and direct mail initiatives for their many services. Starmedia understands the intent and scope of this company because, like OpDecision, Starmedia Advertising Agency is a multi-service company offering a one stop source, for all advertising needs.

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